Hueism is   a web consulting/development company based in Durham, NC since 2005.

Hueism is   a designer of robust database-powered web sites and services.

Hueism is   the work of Monte Evans and Andrew Synowiez. 2005-2018.
Hueism is   Combined 40 years of experience building applications for the web.
Hueism is   Monte: Master+BS of Info Sci (UNC), Andrew: BS in Comp Sci (UNC).

Hueism is   building and growing Warpwire — a secure media delivery
Hueism is   system for higher education and enterprise clients.

Hueism is   available for inquiry, and has worked with, among others: UNC, Duke,
Hueism is   Leland Little, Redeye, Yale U. Press, Self-Help, Shodor, and VoiceThread.

Hueism is   snail-mailable at PO Box 2046, Durham, NC 27702.

Hueism is   reachable at .